You have questions ? We have answers...

How much is it to rent an EasyBooth ?

199$ per day of rental.  Yes, we are the cheapest photo booth rental in the market with the best customer service. Try us, you'll see by yourself...

If the reception room (restaurant, private room, theatre...) is closed the next day, how do you get the EasyBooth ?

Indeed, if the reception room is closed the day after your event, you must inform us in advance so that we can find a solution together. If, otherwise, we have not been notified and the Easybooth cannot be recovered, an additional day's rental will be charged to the customer.

How does EasyBooth delivery and pick-up work ?

The EasyBooth team loves to provide good service to its customers. To do this, we deliver, install and pick-up the photobooth.

How long does it take to install the EasyBooth?

No more than 5 minutes.

  • Installing the EasyBooth
  • Connecting the iPad to the WIFI
  • Launching the software.

Is the EasyBooth autonomous ?

Yes, the advantage of our EasyBooth is that we install it and leave it on site so your guests can use it whenever they want.

The software is simple and will guide your guests through the experience, from taking pictures to sharing.

Does the EasyBooth require electricity to operate ?

Yes. The Easybooth needs to be plugged into a wall outlet. (120V) The power supply allows us to operate the flash and charge the iPad. An extension cord must be provided by the customer if necessary.

How will my guests get their photos during the event ?

Guests will get their photos instantly by sending them by email, text message or scanning a QR code

Once you they receive their photos they can share immediatly on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

How do i get all my picture after the event ?

Your gallery will be available online  24 to 48 hours after your event.

Here is the link :

Is it possible to print the photos on site ?

No. The EasyBooth is a fully digital photobooth. We do not print any photos on site. We try to think as much as we can about our beautiful planet.

Is it possible to edit my photos during my event?

Yes, our photobooth software allows you to edit each photo to your liking by adding a custom filter or virtual accessories.

Is it possible to customize the frame of my photos ?

Yes. We can customize your photos by adding a frame, a text or logo in your photo.

Are you a graphic designer?

Feel free to send us your creation in transparent .PNG with the following dimensions: 1280px X 1280px.

How does virtual props works ?

Thanks to our facial recognition software, we can insert accessories on the heads / faces of your guests such as glasses, hats, moustaches etc... So much FUNNN.....